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Tips on how to Measure Your Social Media Marketing

August 03,2021

Social media marketing should be prioritized if you want your brand to reach its market. However, it isn’t enough that you are aware of the best strategies. You need to measure it and see which tactics are effective.

You must remember that online behavior changes real fast. If you do not measure it regularly, it is possible that your social media marketing will not gain traction.

In today’s post, we will share with you the best techniques that will measure your marketing strategies. Even if you are to hire a social media marketing company in Singapore, knowing the fundamentals could be beneficial for your company.

Know What Are Your Goals  

First of all, you have to know are your objectives for running your social media marketing. Do you want to spread information about your brand? Are you planning to answer common questions from your audience? Or would you like to encourage engagement within the community? Simply put, know what your company would like to achieve.

As always, make your goals high enough, yet realistic. While it’s always good to aim high, you must set goals according to your social media account’s current situation.

Understand and Know The Right Metrics  

Depending on your goals, there are different metrics to use. For example, if you want to measure awareness, it’s best if you look at the volume, exposure, and reach. On the other hand, if it is engagement that you are after, then you should take into consideration the comments, replies, and even retweets.

For those who are aiming to increase traffic, track the URL shares, conversions, and clicks. There are also other objectives such as measuring the number of fans and even your share within the industry.

Use Social Media Analytics Tools   

There are many tools where it could measure your marketing strategies. A quick search online could give you a lot of options. As a rule of thumb, look for tools that can measure in real-time. That way, you can easily change your strategies in case you see that your tactics are not working.

Here are some of the tools that you might want to use.

    • Oktopost
    • Buffer
    • Hoot Suite
    • Agorapulse
    • Google Analytics
    • Keyhole
    • Kissmetrics

Adjust Your Strategies  

And when you already found out what are the things that need to be improved, adjust it accordingly.

The thing with social media is that it moves so fast. If you are going to delay your strategies, you might be losing a significant amount of opportunities. This is the reason why many businesses are using the services of a social media marketing company in Singapore. They need to be on the lookout for any changes, and the process of adjusting should be consistent.

You need to understand that social media marketing is more than just regularly posting of content, and even using the best photos. It will always be an ongoing process and a never-ending experiment. It’s both science and art, and an expert should work on your strategy. The competition online is already tough, and if you will not use the services of experts, it would be hard to gain traction.