How to Increase the Domain Authority of your Website?


Tips To Increase the Domain Authority of Your Website

May 08,2021

Domain Authority is a metric used to gauge if your website will rank in search engines. Simply put, the higher your domain authority, the better. It was originally developed by Moz and today, other companies are using the same metrics. Your website will be given a ranking between 0 to 100.

As we all know, ranking on search engines is crucial not just for your website, but for your business in general. And so, in this post, we will share with you practical tips on how you can improve your domain authority. These things are important to know even before you hire the services of an SEO company in Singapore.

Audit Your Website

First of all, you must check your website. We recommend that you ask experts to do it for you as they usually have a rubric gauging if your website is in good condition. That’s the best way you can identify your site’s weak points. From there, you can improve and be able to increase your domain authority.

Now, let’s be more specific. What are the things you have to check on your website to ensure a good score? Read on to learn more.

Is Your Website Loading Fast?

No matter how aesthetically pleasing your website is, if it’s not fast enough, you will get a high bounce rate. The overall user experience will not be pleasing, and that can essentially affect your ranking. There are technical ways on how you can speed up the loading time of your website. In some cases, you need to resize your images as it could slow down your page.

Is It Mobile Friendly?

Remember that most people are now glued to their mobile devices. Of course, we still use our desktop computers and laptops. However, a big percentage of the population is using their tablets and Smartphones more frequently.

Now, if your website doesn’t look good on these smaller devices, do not expect to have high domain authority.

Do You Have High-Quality Content?

One of the most effective ways to increase domain authority is if other sites are linking to your content. But they will only do that if you write with quality and if your articles are of value.

Link to Credible Links

Just in case you will add links, make sure that these are from authority websites that have already established credibility. That can also help with your domain authority.

And speaking of link, you can work with an SEO company in Singapore to create a link-building strategy. This is not a feat for amateurs, so we encourage that you work with professionals that have wide experience.

Check All Your Web Pages Regularly

Lastly, make it a point to check your website as frequently as you can. You need to check every page and every link to see if there are broken ones.

Think of your website as your physical store. You need to update it once in a while. Otherwise, your competitors will stay ahead of you. The same principle applies to websites.

So, call up an SEO company in Singapore and increase your domain authority with these tips.