Trends in SEO That You Need To Implement


Trends in Search Engine Optimization That You Need To Implement

June 09,2020

We’ve already mentioned in our previous posts that SEO’s best practices can change. If you are not up to date, you might lose your ranking sooner or later. And that is why we are sharing with you the SEO trends for 2020.

Check if you have implemented these already to ensure that your website is still doing great on search engines.

Zero-click searches are in

This is where questions are already answered on SERP itself and the users do not necessarily have to click away.

A lot of people are scared of this because that might decrease the number of clicks and visits to your blog page, right? Well, you don’t have to worry. The right approach is to look for keywords that you can answer indepthly.

People will still definitely look for more answers. So again, great content still wins. Make yours well-researched so you can still have the authority.

Gather content from experts

In relation to our first point, you should also look for experts or specialists in your niche. This could help you in building a more effective content because they know the jargons and the technicalities. While using layman’s term is still good, it’s time to level up your content with technical and more scholastic approach.

Local SEO is already peaking

You need to give importance to your local SEO strategies. You can create landing pages targeted to a local market. Or if you are to build content, you can always include words ‘near me’. Linking back is still good; just make sure that these websites are doing well with local SEO too.

If you need help with search engine optimization in Singapore, we recommend reaching out to experts given the trends and of course, the competition.

  • User Experience should be a priority

This isn’t a new trend but you still have to consider the UX design of your website for better ranking. People now are becoming more impatient – only spending a couple of seconds in a website before judging if it is worth browsing. That means, you have to perfect your design to ensure that every image, every button, and every text should make your visitor’s experience on point.

And don’t forget mobile responsiveness. Your website design must fit well in small devices. This can definitely help with your SEO.

  • Voice Search is up

Apart from understanding what people type when searching, you need to know how people will verbally ask questions. That’s because voice search is more prevalent now more than ever.

Image search is next

If you haven’t optimized your images, then this is the best time to do it. Or if your images are of bad quality, you still have a lead room to change it. Image search is still not at its peak, but it will be in the coming months. It’s better to be prepared.


We are just scratching the surface here. There is more to know about SEO trends right now and the best strategies for these. That is why we suggest looking for search engine optimization companies in Singapore if you want your website to have the advantage.