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Web Development Latest Trends

May 16,2017

Change is the only thing that is constant in our lives. Technology is a sector where each day is new brings a new contribution to this ever evolving industry. You get to learn something innovative every minute. Talking about technology, we cannot neglect the internet as it is a crucial part of it. Let’s explore the world of the internet and see how the latest trends in web development are shaping the future of this ultra-powerful platform.

Web development in Singapore is growing at an exceptionally remarkable rate as a career option as well. Conglomerates working in this sector have to keep themselves updated with the latest trends that appear timely so as to be relevant in the marketplace.

One such drift is responsive website design – it has, pretty much, become the norm now, allowing a website to be easily accessible and useable for multiple devices and screen sizes. Web developers in Singapore make sure that their creations are now responsive and friendly for all screen resolutions and device types.

There are many design elements that are becoming a staple now too. The hamburger menu, for instance, is now part and parcel of modern web design. Sidebars are also gaining in prominence in terms of displaying important content for website visitors.

Flash content and animations are also becoming a thing of the past now.  Website development in Singapore is now moving towards light weight, easy-to-load interactive content such as explainer videos and embedded links that do not slow the site down.

All in all, website design is now moving steadily towards an amalgamation of user as well as SEO friendliness – thereby creating a web presence that is perfect and impressive in all respects.