Stay Away from these Website Design Myths


Website Design Myths you have to stay Away From in 2019

July 26,2019

When you want to design your website, it’s quite normal to get overwhelmed. It seems that there is so much to do but with such limited space. Most of us want to incorporate a lot of ideas but we don’t know where to start. Well, you are not alone.

In fact, a handful of web design agencies in Singapore encounter clients with orders that are considered ‘not’ effective.

To avoid that, we have come up with a quick list of web design myths you have to stay away from.

  • The more features you can do with your website, the better

Nope! It isn’t better. If there are so many things that happen within your website, you will not be able to send a clear message to your target audience. The trick here is to know the purpose of your website. Know what your visitors want to see and experience. Focus on those and make your design mobile-friendly. If you want more complex features, save it for your desktop version.

  • You should focus your efforts on web design

Here’s another myth about website design; it’s going to save you! Again, the answer is NO. Yes, your website design should look good – that’s obvious, right? But as they always say, CONTENT IS KING. You should focus first on your content. It has to be of quality and good enough to make your visitors stay. If you have great content, the design will follow. The design cannot fix poor traffic and poor engagement. It must start with content.

  • You should user sliders or rotating banners

We’ve seen this lot of times but we hate to break it to you – it doesn’t work. In fact, rotating banners are quite annoying for most users. The solution here is to think of a strong message that you want to send your visitors. Focus on that instead of using banners that gives multiple messages.

  • If you personally like the design, it will work for others

Reality check, your website is not for you. It’s for your customers. Now, if you are going to design it in such a way that it will suit your taste and your own preferences, the outcome will be biased. You are just pleasing yourself but it will do little to nothing for your customers. You have to understand what they need. You have to know what their challenges are so that you can address it in your website.

  • If it looks good on your desktop, it’s ready

In case you’re not aware, your web design should actually be mobile-ready first. It’s where your market is. If you focus on the appearance of your website on computers and thinking little about mobile devices, then you are losing a lot of business opportunities. Don’t let that happen.

It is important that you look for a web design agency in Singapore that understands what your business needs. They should be able to proactively provide you with tips and tricks to improve your website. They should not be just mere order-takers and they should help you not just with your website, but with your business growth as well.