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Website Maintenance – 5 Monthly Tasks to Ensure Smooth Functioning

July 22,2020

You have to look at your website as if it is your rented space online. If we put it in the real context of renting a store for example, you would naturally want to check it from time to time. You are going to look for damages due for repairs. You are going to pay for the regular dues. And of course, you will clean it.

The same principles should apply to your website. There are a number of tasks that you need to fulfill every month to ensure that your website is in its perfect shape. Now, what are these tasks, you may ask. This post will help you.

Tips for maintaining your website


What should you monitor on your website?

Check Google Search Console

This is a free service offered by Google. It guides you in identifying if the search engine can find and crawl on your website. Basically, it gives you a report on what needs to be done so you can rank properly.

Look at your analytics

One of the most important things that you have to do every month for your website is to review your analytics. This will show you not just the problems on your pages, but the opportunities that you can work on.

You can review which pages promote better engagement. Try to improve the ones with high bounce rate. Or perhaps, look for blog posts with the highest visitors and hits. From there, you can create similar contents and gain more website traffic.

Back up your website

It is a must that you back up your website as regularly as you can. We recommend having an automated backup system so you don’t need to worry if you were not able to do it manually.

Don’t forget to update your plug-ins

Make sure that you minimize threats on your website by updating your plug-ins.  This isn’t hard to do and will only require few clicks. Yet again, some people are too busy to complete such tasks. You might want to hire the services of a website maintenance company in Singapore and have one less thing to worry about.

Check your links

Also, make it a habit to check your links. Are they all working? Are you being directed to the right page? You see, broken links can also affect user experience. It can definitely decrease your website traffic.

Or if you are linking back websites on your blog posts, see if these are still live and working.

Additional tips

There are more things that you need to check on your website on a monthly basis. Let’s have a quick checklist for you.

  • See if your website appears nicely on different devices
  • Check all the features if these are working
  • Monitor the speed

Looking for the right website maintenance in Singapore

As we’ve said, maintenance should be done regularly. And if you don’t have a dedicated team to do that for you, you are putting your website in great danger. It’s better if you outsource the services from a third-party so you’ve got everything covered.