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Why you need to consider Website Maintenance Services in Singapore for your Business

May 29,2019

When you work with digital marketing agencies to maintain and advance your company website, many believe that these same digital marketing agencies are responsible for managing the content, continuously developing the website, and administering configuration and other similar initiatives. For many, that can be true. For others, not really. Whatever your case, it’s important to have a site maintenance strategy that’s long-term.

Whether your website operates on WordPress, Go Daddy, Drupal, or what have you, you have to realize that it’s crucial to have security updates on a regular basis. It’s true that one of the bigger problems for your website could be getting hacked, and yes, we’ll talk more about it later on. But website problems aren’t only limited to getting hacked.

To help you tighten your grip on the many other things that websites could go through, here’s a list we’ve outlined just for you.

As promised, we’ll elaborate on websites getting hacked. This is the first one on the list.

Given that security is a top priority; your website getting hacked is something you would never want to experience. Remember, your site is the reflection of your brand online. A lot of entrepreneurs don’t think it can happen to their website because their site could be too small. Why would anyone want to touch your tiny website, right? Well, there’s also a ton of reasons why your business website could be hacked. A few reasons could be blackout SEO efforts, bandwidth stealing, Bit coin mining, and the most natural denominator of them all: your website is old. The chances of your older websites getting hacked are high simply because its modules are not recent and its coding is less secured.

Truth is, all a hacker could do is just find out what page source you’re using to check what version of WordPress you’re on, and then they can take it from there.


Potential damage to your website could lead to damaging your brand’s integrity.

The longer you wait to act on running a website maintenance check, the larger the risk your website can go through. The more regularly you update, the lesser your chances of any website problems to arise. It’s that simple, really. Think of it this way: skipping updates harms your website even more. If you don’t even adapt to a simple 2.0 update, one day, it’ll be too late to realize that your modules will not work anymore.


When you don’t run website maintenance checks every now and then, you set your website up for bad user experience.

The great and logical thing about site updates is that they present better functionality and new updates. What kind of entrepreneur would you be if you forgo the idea of a better, more desirable experience for any of your consumers, potential and repeat ones? It would not make sense to want an outdated Drupal or WordPress website. The more regularly you have these website checks, the smoother your online presence will be. For more information about how these things work, don’t hesitate to work with the leading website maintenance Singapore has around!