Reasons for Improving Facebook Marketing in Singapore


Why You Should Focus on Improving your Facebook Marketing Strategies

July 29,2019

If you want to make your brand well-known on social media, then you should start using the world’s most popular platform – Facebook. If you still don’t see its advantages for your marketing strategies, then we will summarize it for you.

Why use Facebook for your marketing strategies in Singapore?

  • Your audience is already on Facebook

Maybe you need to know this once again but your audience is probably on Facebook already. Did you know that this platform has users bigger than the population of China? So yes, we are talking about huge numbers. The trick now is learning how to tickle your market’s soft spot. This can be done with the help of Facebook marketing experts. Just so you know, it’s not just about posting random images and videos on your business page.

  • Facebook ads are way cheaper

Surprised? But yes, this is the real deal. Other marketing channels will cost you more. And with the audience you’re getting from Facebook, this is the place to be. You see, while you can still post ads for free, it doesn’t give you much traction, most especially if you don’t have a streamlined strategy. A recent study shows that organic reach are not as effective as it was before. So before you place a Facebook ad, make sure that it’s well thought out.

  • You can target your audience easily

What we like about Facebook is that you can easily target your audience. When we say easy, you just need to do few clicks. It can be based on age, personal interests, location, even languages. You can set it up and your ads will likely reach your market.

And as added bonus, Facebook could also help you find similar audiences. Now, those can be new leads for your business.

What Facebook strategy works?

  • Create engaging content

It is advisable that you think of your content one month in advance. And try to at least post five contents per week. Yes, you have to religiously do it. But of course, make sure to post contents which your audience can easily relate to. This increases the chances of re-sharing your content, making it more visible online. Use images, videos, daily quotes, testimonials from your clients, and re-share news related to your industry. Create variety!

If you are busy and you think you can’t post regularly, then you can use the ‘schedule’ feature. Or better yet, have a professional team that will look after your Facebook marketing strategy in Singapore.

  • Don’t forget to monitor your Facebook ads

And lastly, do not forget to monitor how your Facebook ads are doing. If there aren’t any actual leads or people don’t interact with your ads, then you probably need to plan something better. This is quite challenging to be honest, and it takes time to re-do a strategy. If that’s the case, better hire the services of a Facebook marketing strategy company in Singapore.